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Easter Sunday Family Time

Easter Sunday Family Time
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When I got home from work today we went to 8am Easter Sunday Mass and then headed down to the Cape to celebrate with the family. The kids were excited to spend their holiday with their cousins. It wasn’t long before the egg hunt began. However, before that could happen Auntie Tara read them the story of how Peter Cottontail got his name. The kids were surprisingly patient to listen, too. All the while they scoped out the room for eggs that they would search for later.

The Easter Bunny hid about 125 eggs around the living room, dining room and sun porch. I expect that we will find a few over the next few months, too. I found one while we were watching TV later in the evening. We had a very nice Easter lunch with meat pie and other tasty dishes. Allison made mini hassleback potatoes, too.

After lunch I went upstairs to get something, laid down on the bed and went right out to sleep. I had worked last night and so I was due to completely pass out. Apparently it looked like I had sat down on the bed and just fallen over. After a little nap I came back downstairs. The kids had had fun playing with their cousins and we also had my grandfather visiting. I helped finish up a puzzle that my dad had been working on and we got to the end only to discover a piece was missing. Andrew spotted it on the floor to finish it up.

We had a very nice day and it was fun and relaxed. Allison and I watched Game of Throne on the iPad in bed. It was nice to be home to watch it together on the night it actually aired for a change.

Happy Easter 2017

Adult Egg Hunt Haul
Photo-A-Day #4387

Happy Easter. I hope that your Easter was as nice as ours was. We got up and the kids opened their baskets from the Easter Bunny. Then we got ready for church. That included baking some roasted potatoes. We got to church with the family and we were earlier than usual but that doesn’t mean anything on Easter. That means that you sit in the back on the folding chairs. If you want a seat you have to get their early, even for the 8am Mass.

After Mass we had the kids’ Easter Egg Hunt on the front yard and then a surprise for the adults. My sister Tara and her husband Erik put together an adult Easter Egg hunt and you can see my haul above. It was the first time that we had done this and it was really fun.

We had lunch and the kids opened more baskets. We took family photos and more. It was a nice day spent with family.

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