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National Potato Chip Day #DoUsAFlavor Taste Test

National Potato Chip Day
Photo-A-Day #4354

Today is National Potato Chip day and we celebrated by taste testing some new Lays flavors that are part of their #DoUsAFlavor promotion. Each year you can submit different flavors and the winning one gets a big time prize. Usually 4 flavors are created so that they can be tested and voted upon. I think these three were just made by Lays to promote the contest.

Chow Time

Photo-A-Day #2606

Andrew is growing like a weed and now he’s onto cereals and baby foods. Allison found some great organic foods that come in these squeeze containers. Andrew seems to like them and he’s eating pretty well. He overdid it last night but otherwise is taking it all in stride. I’ve got a Belly Banter Sticker that says Fruits and Veggies. Gotta get a real messy one of him eating at some point to use that sticker.

I have to say I LOVE Earplugs. I have slept so great since I started wearing them on the days when I have to sleep. I always thought it would be the light that would keep me up but it doesn’t even seem to effect me anymore. Although at night I still need it pretty dark.