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Playing Skylanders Hooky

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I spent a good amount of time tonight playing SkyLanders. We just got the Empire of Ice and Dragon’s Peak Adventure Packs and love the new characters. Empire of Ice is pretty easy and we completed that super quick. Dragon’s Peak is posing to be a bit of a challenge though, I can’t find a specific item to complete that level.

I really like the game but am not thrilled about going to go and find the figures needed to totally complete the game. I understand what is being done to inflate the market and it stinks. What stinks more is standing in line with entitled people. Listening to people complain about the lack of characters and how much they need those characters is a bit sickening. People writing letters to Activision to express how there should be more figures. They’ll put out figures in their own time.The market will be inflated and then at the height of fever it will be flooded. Then with the next series it will begin all over again.

It is just a game. A very fun game and I’m looking for 5 last figures none-the-less.

I’ve got a New Skylanders Adventure to Complete

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I guess I had some good timing and good luck today because I was able to find the Skylanders Adventure Pack Empire of Ice with figure Slam Bam in it. This is a figure that was released a few weeks ago but was gone from all of the stores. I thought that maybe it would be at the store this past Wednesday when I went to the Skylanders Event at Toys R Us. No such luck. That event only had previously released characters except for any that I actually needed. Tonight I just happened to pop in to Target and there it was on the rack. I quickly grabbed it, checked for any other new single characters and made my way around the rest of the store.

While I was at the store I saw one of my friends from High School whom I had not seen for years. It was so nice to run into her. She said to me that she had been thinking about me just one day prior and had run across my blog through Lane Sutton’s blog where she saw that a photo I had taken of Lane had my credentials and a link to my blog.