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Visiting the Enchanted Village

Photo-A-Day #2825

To start the year off we went to IKEA to look for something for our living room as an entertainment center. Ever since we moved in we’ve been using a side table to hold our DVR, DVD Payer, Wii U, Apple TV and more. I don’t know how we keep them all on the same table at once. It isn’t working for us anymore so it is time for something else. We looked all around the store and found a Buffet that I think will work best for us. So, we’ll have to go back and pick that up.

We got there early enough that we had lunch at IKEA. They have ribs now. And they weren’t half bad either. The kids enjoyed it. Eva wanted to go to the play place but it was packed so she came with us through the store. She did pretty well for most of it but then got tired and whiny. It is a big store and I can understand it, but our afternoon wasn’t over yet.

We went from IKEA over to Jordan’s Furniture to see the Enchanted Village. We had never taken the kids to see this and we had never gone ourselves, either. It was interesting to see. Eva sorta liked it but she really enjoyed playing the Rudolph race game after the walk through the Enchanted Village. This was a skee-ball type game where as you rolled the balls up and the reindeer ran across the field. It was just Eva and I playing the game, so she won. She was delighted to win a little teddy bear from the game. So it was a nice trip.