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SUBWAY SURFERS Animated Series Premieres Today on YouTube

SubwaySurfers Series LOGOI told you about the Subway Surfers Animated Series a while back and well, now it has arrived. The show brings to life the characters from the popular app. There is a greater story here and after the first 4minute and 45 second show you may get hooked into the mystery. Overall the show was okay. I liked the animation. You can watch the first episode below and then after that learn more about what is ahead for the series.

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Black Canary Funko Pop Unboxing and Arrow Episode 100

Black Canary Funko Pop
Photo-A-Day #4250

I did attempt to make a video about LEGO Dimensions tonight but that did not happen. Although I did pick up both the Green Arrow and Supergirl LEGO Dimensions figures. I’m very excited about those especially now that there has been 3/4 of the great crossover event for all the CW shows. It has been a very exiting few days and there is still one night left. Tonight’s episode was Arrow, which was the show to start everything off and tonight was the 100th episode of this incredible show.

I saved the Funko Pop of Black Canary to open when Katie Cassidy returned as Laurel Lance. Now, I am not sure whether this Pop is the Black Canary that was Sara Lance or Laurel Lance. I guess it doesn’t matter too much because it could really be either one of them. Now I have Arrow, The Flash and Black Canary. I’m going to find White Canary from Legends of Tomorrow as well. You can see my unboxing below.