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Girls Acting Up For Good – The Greatest Showman

Eva in The Greatest Showman

I have not been as good about blogging lately, at least the personal stuff. Without my daily photos to keep me in check I start to slide in keeping up with detailing the important things happening in our lives. This past Wednesday Eva had her Girls Acting Up For Good performance. It was a really nice performance that was centered all around the movie The Greatest Showman. I have not seen the movie but Eva loved it and she wants me to watch it with her. I will have to do that soon. The movie is all about PT Barnum (fictionalized and many things glossed over) but it is also inspiring in that it is about many people who were not accepted into society but were accepted in the circus. I know that there is much controversy over the movie glossing over things and the fact that circus people were not treated very well, however, the message that I think the kids were to take from this was accepting differences.

Girls Acting Up For Good has been an excellent program for Eva. She loves performing and has gotten much more confident with each show. In the program the girls learn about historical figures and are encouraged to encourage and support one another. There is a very good message there that is trying to be instilled in each of the girls.

Raising Him Right: Making Notes

Making Notes for his sister

Last year Andrew would go to school and he saw other kids getting notes in their snacks. He asked me if I would write him notes for his lunch. I was very touched by this and then felt a great responsibility to make sure that each lunch had a note in it. They weren’t any thing profound but he enjoyed them.

This year I have been writing notes to put into each of the kids’ lunches. I have a set of colorful Sharpies as well as stickers and index cards. I try and think of something special for each of the kids every morning, or night.

Last night Andrew asked me if he could write Eva’s note this morning. I told him sure.

This morning he came to our room to tell us that he had a bad dream. He told me that his dream was that Eva was on the computer in a stranger’s house ad then the world split apart. This boy has big feelings and such love for his sister. I am so filled with love at the heart within this boy.

His note to Eva was “Gryffindor is Counting on You, Eva”. He knows that she loves Harry Potter and wanted to write something special about that. I’m sure that she is going to get a huge smile out of that note.