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At Photography Club

Photo-A-Day #3611

Today kicked off the first meeting of the newly formed Photography club at my daughter’s school. I got to the school with Andrew in tow. He had fallen asleep halfway through our drive over. I had Andrew, his diaper bag, my backpack loaded with cameras and equipment and another bag with even more stuff.

The overall plan was to use Legacy Learning’s Learn and Master Photography plus some hands on work with the cameras. To get things started we watched some of the DVD but it wasn’t exactly engaging. I’ll use it later for some of the bigger topics that do not get outdated. Specific photography concepts like aperture and depth of field and things like that which can be better explained by an expert than me.

Once I realized that the students weren’t getting much out of the DVD I sat down with them at the table and explained the equipment in my own words. They really began to respond to that. Then I pulled out the Foldio and an Elsa Funko figure plus a couple of lights. They really got excited about that. “It is like a photo shoot,” one of the girls said.

Elsa Funko Figure

We focused on the different camera functions and settings. Aperture priority was something that they were interested in so we focused on that for a while. In future meetings we’ll work with various lenses and other topics. I’ve got to work on some real lesson plans and handouts for the students plus possible challenges and assignments.