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Back to Buttonwood

Photo-A-Day #3380

We took the kids to Buttonwood Park Zoo today. Dan and Marcia were with us for the day and we all explored the zoo together. I was given a Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 for a special assignment for the Imagelogger program. I was asked to take some family fun photos with the camera for use in a segment upcoming on QVC. The camera is very cool. It has a 21X Optical zoom and a huge screen but it also doubles as a small tablet and runs Android Jelly Bean. I opened the package yesterday and have been setting up all my accounts on it so that I can post directly from the camera. such a cool feature. Continue reading Back to Buttonwood

Family Excursion Day to Buttonwood Park Zoo

Photo-A-Day #2932

Today we took the family to Buttonwood Park Zoo. It is over in New Bedford and it is also one of the zoos that we get into for free. It is an exchange with Capron Park Zoo, our hometown zoo. We’d never been there before and we were very happy with what we saw.

The zoo is very well run and laid out nicely. There are talks with volunteers and zoo keepers throughout the day. We got to watch a talk on the mountain lions and elephants. Eva was excited to talk with the keepers. I think that we’re going to send her to Capron Park for a Summer session this year because she is finally old enough to participate. I think she’ll get a lot of of attending the program. Continue reading Family Excursion Day to Buttonwood Park Zoo