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Photo-A-Day #676 02/13/07

Ah RITZ crackers. I love RITZ crackers. When I was a kid I would eat a sleeve of them each day after school in front of the Nintendo. I was an avid Nintendo player and have all of the games and components that I ever had as a kid. I even have R.O.B.B.I.E. the robot. I have about 50 games too. Now with the Nintendo Wii out I will probably get a few of those games again, well at least Super Mario Bros.

But the reason I took today’s picture is in the details. First there is the detail of those delicious buttery crackers, I’m sorry but no other cracker is that good. I’ve had the townhouse ones but they just don’t compare to a fresh buttery RITZ. Notice how the RITZ has a golden color and grains of salt that you can see. Oh I just love those crackers.

Now, notice the serving size. 5 lousy crackers. Man, that is maddening. I have been trying very hard to stick to serving sizes as of late to track my intake of food and some of these serving size things are just killing me. For instance I like Tostitos chips and salsa. I can take 7 chips to work with my Mr. Bento Lunch Jar top container full of salsa. 7 chips does not fill me up, sure I could take 14 and double the calories and everything else. But I’m going to try and stick to a serving size.

I’ve also been hitting the gym regularly as well. I’m not only gunning for some smaller pants, but I never want to have to ask for the demo seatbelt (you know the one they use to show you how to use a seatbelt AFTER they expect you to be belted in, but I’m not going to go into that right now) so I can be properly belted into the plane. If things ever get to that point I’m going to stop flying. There’s not enough room in the seat as it is, no sense in me making it tighter if I can help it.

Plus I’m over 30 now and these health risks are flying in from everywhere. Not enough water, too much water, not enough exercise, sleep it all adds up. The thing is I know that I’m a traveler, I love to travel, but being on the road has done some damage because of the choices I made. And so I’ve got to stop hitting McDonalds and other fast food places and get myself in a healthier mindset to make choices on the road. And if it means cutting down to 5 crackers then I’m going to enjoy the heck out of those 5 crackers.