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Don’t Miss the Stretch Armstrong Interactive Episode on Netflix March 13

Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters

On Tuesday the fun series, Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters is releasing an interactive episode called – Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout! These interactive episodes are a lot of fun. You, the viewer become more than that. You become a part of the action making decisions that will affect the outcome of the show. Take a look at the trailer.

Here is a brief synopsis of the episode in question:

Villains are rampaging through Charter City and the Flex Fighters – Jake, Ricardo and Nathan – need your help to halt the chaos. Help these heroes decide who to trust, when to fight, and how to save the city. They’ve got the powers and you’ve got the control! Now streaming on Netflix.

Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters Toys – First Look – #StreamTeam

Stretch ArmStrong Mobile HQ Boxed

A new show has recently premiered on Netflix called ‘Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters’. The show has the th voice talents of people like Steven Yeun, Scott Menville, Ogie Banks, Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, and Walter Koenig. The story is about teenager Jake Armstrong and his two best friends, Nathan Park and Ricardo Perez, after they are accidentally exposed to an experimental chemical that forever changes their seemingly normal lives and transforms them into unlikely heroes who embark on a series of adventures!

I have watched a couple of episodes and the other day I received an email alerting me to toys that are coming for the show. The show is pretty good and the toys look great. So you can check them out for yourself right after you see the trailer for the show.

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