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Continued Work on Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Desk
Photo-A-Day #4398

Tonight I went to Brian’s to film Built from Bricks. I really thought that I’d have more time today to do something other than talk more about the Stop Motion Studio.

I did get a bunch more LEGO sets today. Two came in the mail and two I picked up from Toys ‘R Us. I like to scoop things up on the 10% off days. Next week I will have a coupon plus a $5 coupon. There is another Marvel set that I have my eyes on.

I think that I’ll build many of these in a stop motion type video.

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#Unboxing – Hot Wheels Marvel Civil War Exclusive Falcon and Captain America

Hot Wheels Character Cars
Photo-A-Day #4317

Just in time for the Big Game I decided to open my Captain America Civil War Hot Wheels. I certainly wore the right shirt today!!!! As I post this the Patriots have won the Biggest Game of the year! That is amazing. I did not get to see it in real time. My feed was stuttered and delayed. Some of my co-workers got it live and so I experienced the game through their frustration and adulation. That was incredible. Well, I’ll let my video talk about the toys.