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Falling in the Leaves

Photo-A-Day #3122

Andrew loves the leaves. We have a big pile in the back yard. I need to rake them up soon. Each day Andrew wants to play out back there and jump in the leaves. He gets a huge kick out of it.

We pulled out one of Eva’s old toys from the garage today. It is a Fisher-Price toy that looks like a house on one side and the inside of a house on the other side. It has all sorts of sounds and shapes and things to do on this toy. Andrew loves it. He played with it for a while outside and then we brought it into the house for him and he continued to play with it for a long time. I like that he enjoys playing with these toys, glad they get a second life. And of course when Eva came home she was all about playing with it again. Andrew wasn’t having it though. He was not happy that she kept playing with it.

Buried in the Leaves

Photo-A-Day #3118

Last week we had a kid from up the street come over and help me rake up the leaves. By today our whole back yard and sidewalk was once again covered with leaves. I raked them up into a pile so that the kids could have fun playing in the leaves. Andrew loved jumping around in the leaves and throwing the leaves all over the place. He covered himself all up in the leaves.