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Birthday Dinner for Allison

Allisons Birthday Dinner
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Tonight we took Allison out for her Birthday dinner. I had the night off and we went to the Eagle Brook Saloon. We’d been there for previous birthdays and have always had a good meal. Tonight was no exception. We had a great meal and a lot of fun as well.

We split an order of their buffalo wings and everyone had some. The kids love the wings at the Eagle Brook Saloon. I noticed that they had a Stuffie topped with scallops and bacon so Allison and I ordered that along with a White Buffalo pizza. I can’t say that I really care for a ranch based sauce but I did like the pizza overall. The scallops were excellent and such a cool touch to the Stuffie.

Before and After dinner we played a little game called Round Room Writing. It is simple. There is a 5 minute timer. Each person has a paper and pen. For five minutes you start writing a story. At the end of five minutes you pass your paper to the person next to you. Another five minutes and the second person continues the story. We did this 4 times so each story had a part from each of us. When we were all finished we read the stories aloud and laughed like crazy at the silliness of the story and sometimes at my handwriting.

It was a really nice dinner and at the end we shared a cookie pie that was really tasty.

Review: Shadows in the Forest from ThinkFun

Shadows in the Forest with the kids

We received a copy of Shadows in the Forest from ThinkFun to play and review. Opinions are our own.

We enjoy playing board games together. The newest game for the family to play together is Shadows in the Forest. This game is partially cooperative and competitive. One player is in charge of the lantern and they must travel through the forest and attempt to catch Shadowlings in the light. The first time we played it was a super quick game where the Shadlowlings won quickly. We figured out that it was more of a challenge when the Shadowlings are placed on the game board before the Lantern starts to make its way around the board. The first time we did it I was the lantern person and Allison and the kids hid all the Shadowlings way far away from me so it was easy for them to all get to one hiding spot. Continue reading Review: Shadows in the Forest from ThinkFun