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My Little Guy Loved DOLITTLE – You can too

Andy and DOLITTLEWe received a free copy of DOLITTLE on Blu-ray from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment to watch and review. Opinions are our own.

Tomorrow you can pick up DOLITTLE on digital and enjoy a delightful movie with Robert Downey Jr. and a cast of endearing characters.

We watched this movie together as a family earlier last week. Each of us found it to be very enjoyable. Allison and Andy had already seen it once before in the theaters. Eva was off with friends and so it was a good time for Allison to take Andy. Andy has said that he wants to be an animal rescuer some day. That may mean working at the animal shelter or as a vet, not quite sure, but we do know that he loves animals and this was a movie right up his alley.

Allison wasn’t sure how she would like ti but she found it to be a cute story and much better than she had anticipated. Both Eva and I enjoyed it when we saw it for the first time. My favorite character was Yoshi the Polar Bear who is always cold and who is voiced by John Cena. He always cracks me up in movies. Robert Downey Jr. was delightfully strange as titular character DOLITTLE.

This is a different story of Dr. Dolittle than I have ever seen. This is an action adventure story with a man who can talk to animals and who also travels with them. The cast was full of surprises and fun performances by people such as Kumail Nanjiani, Rami Malek and even Tom Holland. Fun action, lots of humor and a good cast makes this an entertaining ride. More on the movie below.

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This Sweet Boy

This Sweet Boy

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00416

Today we took the kids to see the movie Spies in Disguise at the Route One cinema Pub. While we were there I took a few photos of Andrew being Andrew. He was acting silly and having a fun time. We all enjoyed the movie and were laughing like crazy. There were some good themes to it: Teamwork, finding a peaceful way, being weird and protecting people. It was also super funny. Plus, it had Will Smith in it so there was a ton of great music. It even had Andrew up and dancing at the end. He’s a kid with a big heart.