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The Next Food Network Star

The Next Food Network Star
Photo-A-Day #1621

Allison suggested that we order the pizza making kit through Munroe Dairy this weekend. We get a Munroe delivery every Monday. Allison figured that a family night for us would be in order and we could let Eva make her own pizza. This is how the evening went.

Stretching the dough.

Allison and Eva got started to stretch the dough around and make Eva’s mini Pizza.

Adding the Sauce

Then Allison and Eva added the sauce to the little round pizza dough. Eva had control over how much sauce she wanted on her pizza. She did very well ladling the sauce.

Adding Cheese

Eva got to add her own cheese. She started by putting one piece at a time on her pizza. It was cute. Then she discovered that she could get a bunch of cheese in one shot. She took to that pretty well.


Eva also snuck a couple of pieces of cheese for herself as well.

Loving the Pepperoni

The pack came with pepperoni as well. Eva at first said “Don’t Like”, however she went and ate it. She topped her pizza with a lone piece of pepperoni.

The Pizzas

When we were all done we were ready to popp the pizzas in the over. So dadda put the pizza in the oven and then Allison and Eva did some coloring while I brought out all the compost. When I came back in Eva had quite a few nice pictures of dinosaurs. She likes them.

The Finished Product

Once the pizzas were done we enjoyed a wonderful meal together. The pizza dough was whole wheat and it was so delicious. We will definitely do this again. The great thing about this was that Eva was able to participate in making her own dinner. We want to do more activities like this.

Today was a very family focused day. Our family had a very emotional day today. We appreciate everyone’s prayers and support. Thank you.