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The Start of Something New

Photo-A-Day #1854

Today I attended the first gathering for the Young Professionals Organization. The YPO was borne out of the need for 20-30 somethings to network together in person in a way that we network. A bit of a backlash to the already established organizations that we would not be a part of because those organizations hold little appeal to us. However, I also see it as part of a stepping stone to bring us into the fold of those older organizations somewhere down the road when we are older as well. Continue reading The Start of Something New

Dig, Dig, Dig

Photo-A-Day #1850

A pretty quiet day down around here. Early church and then to the supermarket. We did a huge shopping over at Shaws. We’re still working off the gift cards that we bought last month. While at the store we ended up saving $79.00 what with all the deals on meat and the use of competitors coupons. We made out pretty well, and once again it was because we have been doing meal plans and a cash budget each month. Just paying attention to where our money goes each month causes us to protect it more and make better decisions. Continue reading Dig, Dig, Dig