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Finding Dory and an Entire Ocean’s Worth of Bonus Features Arrives Today on Blu-ray

DORY - Finding Dory
(Pictured) DORY. ©2013 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

We have been talking about Finding Dory for months now. This is not only because I went to California on an invite from Walt Disney Studios (Disclosure: The Trip was All Expenses Paid) to learn how to carve pumpkins with Master Pumpkin Carver, Joseph Yakovetic. Rather, it is because Andrew has been mentioning every single day that his birthday party will be a Finding Dory themed one. We held his birthday party with friends this past Saturday and I was able to bring my Finding Dory pumpkin along with the Finding Dory themed birthday cake that Allison made him and that he got to cut with a sword. Needless to say, Finding Dory has been on our minds. Andrew ended up with so many Finding Dory things for his birthday and he was thrilled!

Birthday Gifts

Before I learned that I was going to be attending this trip I was hopping that I’d be sent a copy of Finding Dory on Blu-ray before the official release date of today. We wanted to be able to play the movie during the party for the kids. Instead, I’ve watched it several times with Andrew and have had a great time checking out all of the special bonus features of the Blu-ray. There are a ton of them. I personally like all the behind the scenes features like the one about creating Hank the septopus and all the challenges that went along with that. Hank is one of the most complex characters that Pixar has ever animated.

Below I have a list of all the bonus features of the Blu-ray that you can pick up today.

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Crazy Time Getting Caught Up – 5-Minute Dungeon Preview

Sleeping Andrew
Photo-A-Day #4214

One rather busy Tuesday today. I’m behind on my Koko Fit Club sessions and can’t fall behind on my 12 X 12 X 12. I doubled up on my strength and cardio this morning and have to do it again on Thursday. I was pretty wiped afterward but it was really satisfying. Andrew and I had lunch and then I worked up a post for tomorrow, it is an interview with Benedict Cumberbatch from last week’s #DoctorStrangeEvent.

While I worked on my post Andrew had a nice little nap on the couch. He was looking sleepy and rather than make him go to his room I let him have his time on the couch. He was already sleepy and wrapped up in his puppy dog blanket. When I was done with my post I snuck upstairs to take a quick nap. Twenty minutes of shuteye and Andrew was waking me up before I knew it.

His little nap must have done some good. He was really focused in karate this afternoon. So much so that the Sensei and Mr. Jacob both came up to tell him how well he was doing today. They were really impressed and I was very proud of him.

When we got home Eva, Andrew and I played some 5-Minute Dungeon. This is a game that I’ll be reviewing tomorrow. It was so much fun. I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow in a full review. You can find out more information at 5-Minute Dungeon and their Kickstarter starts on November 1, 2016.