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Andrew’s First Masterpiece

Photo-A-Day #3060

This is pretty much the first piece of art that Andrew has made. Sure he’s taken crayons and scribbled here and there but today Allison had the kids play with some paints. Andrew used the paints with his fingers and brushes on a giant piece of paper. This photo is of a very small bit of that paper. I love that the kids enjoy coloring and playing with crayons and markers and paints. Eva has been making all sorts of pictures on the very giant paper. I’ve got to start taking photos of them because there is no way we can store all that paper.

What do you do with all of your kids’ masterpieces?

Getting Creative With Finger Paints

Photo-A-Day #2652

So, I’ve been away from the house a lot lately because of National Hot Dog Month. I had some time today and I picked up some Crayola finger paints, some squishy plastic balls and some squirt guns. The squirt guns were for playing after our little art project. The finger paints were to be used with a one of the sides of the television box. Eva asked me if we could do this sort of painting project every week. I told her that I can’t go buying a new TV every two weeks (two big sides to each box). But before we got into painting that big piece of cardboard we had another art project to do. Continue reading Getting Creative With Finger Paints