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Chalk, Walk, Good Talk

Photo-A-Day #1917

Allison and I are big TV fans, we spend many nights watching TV as I write my blog posts. We are fans of all sorts of shows and the DVR is a magical device in our home. It is great for keeping some of Eva’s favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse shows and we use it to capture our favorite shows and specials that we’d love to watch again. Sometimes we get behind on the shows and have a little DVR cleaning night where we clear out everything. Continue reading Chalk, Walk, Good Talk

Dinner with Derek and Michelle

Last night Allison and I went to Box Seats for dinner with Derek and Michelle. We had a great time and as always the food was great too. It was nice to catch back up with them.

After dinner we walked over to the Route One Cinema Pub to see the Bruce Willis movie stage. Talk about a tension filled movie. This is most definitely not a children’s movie. Or even a young teenagers’. The movie was very violent and realistic. Bruce Willis gave a stellar performance as hostage negotiator turned small town police chief, Jeff Talley. I think this is one of his best performances I have ever seen. Another shining performance was by Ben Foster, a Boston native who starred in such Disney sitcoms as Flash Forward. He also plays Russell Corwin on the show Six Feet Under. I have never seen Ben Foster as a villain, ever. This guy has mousketeer written all over him, or at least he did. Ben Foster gave the most convincing and disturbing performance as Mars Krupcheck, a young man with a very troubled past who dupes two brothers into trying to boost a car from a rich man’s garage. What happens next is a very suspenseful hour and a half.

At one point in the movie I had my arms around Allison and as the action got more intense and (the kind of action where someone is right behind you at the worst possible time and there is a lot of screaming, even from the audience.) Yeah that kind of action. Well anyway Allison nearly took a big chunk out of my hand with her teeth because we were holding so tightly together.

There was so much tension in the theater. The suspense was so intense. I think it had to be one of the most intense movies I’ve ever seen. I was literally on the edge of my seat, glued to the screen for the last hour of the movie.

And like all movies I see with Derek this one was pretty good……except for the ending. Huh!

Disclaimer: Please disregard the previous statement about the ending the ending was good too, that message is intended for those audiences who have ever sat through a movie with Derek or Neil or myself or who have had the privilege of seeing a movie with the three of us. It has become our end of the movie catch phrase.