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Purple Brussels Sprouts

purple Brussels Sprouts

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00500

We’ve been doing deliveries from Imperfect Foods for a little while now. We don’t get to choose everything that comes in the box but whatever we get we try and use. This latest shipment came with some Purple Brussels Sprouts. Allison made them up with some Italian Sausages. Purple Brussels Sprouts are a bit milder than the regular green ones. I don’t get the weird Brussels Sprouts burps like I do wen I have the green ones. She roasted these up on the new grill and they came out really nice. Next time they go in the air fryer and get mixed with some of the bacon ends and pieces that we get from Imperfect foods, too.

National Bavarian Crepe Day

Bavarian Crepes

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00447

Last night I was looking over the National Days and I saw that today was National Bavarian Crepe Day. What makes a crepe Bavarian? Well it is the creme filling. Allison did not make that because no one liked it last time except for me. I was fine with it, though because I enjoyed my crepes the way that my grandmother used to serve them, with butter and powdered sugar. At least that is the way that I enjoyed them. I was never as big in to syrup through. But plenty of butter and powdered sugar was the best, unless you inhaled your food and a big bunch of powdered sugar. That will upset your morning for a bit.

Quiet day around her, at least for me. I got home from work and stayed up for a bit so that we could do Mass together. Our church is doing Mass online through Facebook live and I am really enjoying it. Allison has been watching it daily and we even did the Rosary as a family. It is great seeing people come together online for this.

In other online news Eva played Magic the Gathering Online with her friend Joe today. He was able to win handily but he’s been playing for significantly longer. Eva was just happy to be playing the game but she prefers playing the cards in real life. She went through the entire tutorial today to prepare, too. I’m glad that she was able to play.