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Adding to the Battle Royale Collection

Fortnite Battle Royale

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00348

Throughout this year Moose Toys sent me some Fortnite Battle Royale figures. There thing was to drop 100 different figures throughout the year. They’ve sent me a few drops and occasionally I find some other figures that I did not receive and I pick them up. I found this squad pack for a decent price and picked it up to add to the collection. I’m hoping for another loot drop soon.

Today they had a special event for Fortnite and Star Wars. It was really weird and I think that part of it was not working right for me. But, once it was over you could fight with light sabers and that was very cool.

Fortnite on the Go

Fortnite on the Go

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00335

A while ago I won a Glap bluetooth game controller. It wraps around your phone so that you can play games using a control pad instead of your screen. I used that to play some Fortine a couple of times but didn’t like the way the controller worked.

I recently got into the XBox streaming service beta and had to get a clip for my Xbox controller so that I could use my phone and my controller to play the Xbox streaming games. I played a few but instead use it to play Fortnite because that is what I needed when I was not at my Xbox console. I was away for Thanksgiving and wanted to keep up with all the daily Medal Punchcards. That gets me lots of experience points and I didn’t want to go losing out on that. So I can play anywhere now. Got a bluetooth headset too. It isn’t perfect. there are times when there is a ton of lag but for the most part it works well. I even found that my aim is way more accurate on the phone. I will have to compare the controls to that of the console when I can play again on that.