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Down in Fraggle Rock

Photo-A-Day #1923

I was walking around the house and saw these two Black Eyed Susans and for some reason I immediately thought of The Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock. I’m not sure why it came to my mind but it did. The trash heap wears these funky glasses and it looks to me like the un-opened Black Eyed Susans look like the temples of her glasses. I’m thinking that we should get Fraggle Rock: Complete Series Collection (aff link) for Eva. Continue reading Down in Fraggle Rock

Littlest Superhero

Littlest Superhero
Photo-A-Day #1849

Today was the annual Free Comic Book Day. After Allison and Eva got back from the Y I took Eva with me to Wild Time Comics so that we could pick out this year’s bunch of free choices. Eva insisted on going in costume, which made sense as we were heading to a comic shop. She wore her new fancy tiara/crown and was a princess. Dadda wore his Party like it’s 1985 shirt that he got from Botcon 2007, designed by 80sTees.com, Inc. (aff link). We were good to go. Continue reading Littlest Superhero