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Daniel Tiger arrives on DVD February 25

I probably should have had him hold the DVS while he watched Daniel Tiger. It is pretty much the only show he sits still for.
I probably should have had him hold the DVS while he watched Daniel Tiger. It is pretty much the only show he sits still for.

Daniel TigerDaniel Tiger is coming to DVD with two DVD compilations including Daniel’s Big Feelings and Life’s Little Lessons. There are between 8 and 10 11 minute episodes on each DVD. I am excited to receive these DVDs because that means that we can finally start to clear out our Daniel Tiger episodes on the DVR. Daniel has been my son’s favorite show ever since it premiered. We have probably watched every single episode twenty times. There was a stint where Andrew would wake up at 3am and we’d be watching Daniel until he fell back asleep or until the rest of the house woke up. I’ve done marathons of this show daily for weeks.

And the thing is, it is a very good show. Great messages for kids and adults alike. Keep reading for a description of the DVD contents. Continue reading Daniel Tiger arrives on DVD February 25

Video Review & Giveaway: Won’t You Be Daniel Tiger’s Neighbor

Daniel Tiger Info Graphic

When I went to Denver for the PBS National Conference I was able to meet Angela Santomero the creator of the show Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. The show is continuing the legacy of Fred Rogers and the Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood show that was on the air for forty years. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is an animated show that takes place in the land of make believe. Daniel Tiger is the son of the original Daniel Tiger puppet that was voiced by Fred Rogers. We received a screener of the first episode to watch and review.

Not only did Eva sit in rapt attention of the show, she responded to the screen and she took the show’s musical strategy to heart. The strategy is “When something seems bad, turn it around and find something good.” She even brought it up a number of times after seeing the show. Andrew watched the show with us too and he was fully engrossed in it. I had never seen him so taken in with a show before. He’s been in the room while Eva’s watched other shows and this is the only one that has completely captured his attention.

The show was wonderful. Here is a video preview of the series. Take a look because this is show will be something that your pre-schoolers will find very compelling.

Also, the #DanielTigerPBS twitter party is scheduled for tonight, 8/28 from 9 – 10pm EST. Hope you can join us!


I’m giving away a Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood prize pack (a Daniel Tiger luggage tag, Daniel Tiger printables, backpack and crayons, pencils, stickers). Please leave a comment and tell me what character from the land of make believe is your favorite. I’ll pick a random winner on Friday.