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Download November’s Kidtoons Free BOGO Ticket: Welcome to LazyTown

Welcome to LazyTown

Each month Kidtoons puts a new movie into the Kidtoons theaters nationwide. There are 135 theaters that show Kidtoons and I’ve got a BOGO ticket for you to download that is good for one Kidtoons movie. The ticket is good one per family and this month the movie is Welcome to LazyTown. I didn’t know what this movie was all about so I took a look and here is a synopsis.

In “Welcome to LazyTown,” the inquisitive, adventurous and playful Stephanie comes to live in LazyTown and meets a zany mix of townspeople, including the world’s laziest super-villain, Robbie Rotten. Fortunately for Stephanie, LazyTown is also under the watchful eye of Sportacus, an athletic, super-fit, SuperHero, who runs, jumps, flips and flies to the rescue in his futuristic AirShip. Sportacus always manages to save the day and help the kids of LazyTown foil Robbie’s latest lazy schemes.”

And here is the Trailer for the movie.

You can download the BOGO ticket at http://www.kidtoonfilms.com/Promotion/FREE_KidtoonsTicket.pdf

You can also find out more about Kidtoons and the movies that are shown by checking them out on various Social Media channels.

KidToons September Movie: The Gruffalo’s Child

The Gruffalo's Child

Eva and I stumbled upon this book, the Gruffalo’s Child at our local library a few years ago. I thought it looked cute with this big fuzzy monster on the cover and wanted to share it with Eva. She wasn’t too thrilled at first but after reading it she fell in love with the book. Well, the book is now a movie and will be shown as part of KidToons in September. I also have a free ticket for you to use to take your child to see The Gruffalo’s Child.

Download your KidToons Coupon Here (Good for one per family.) Continue reading KidToons September Movie: The Gruffalo’s Child