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Smashburger and a Mystery Box of Toys

At Smashburger
Photo-A-Day #4525

On those days when I get dinner for myself and I have the time then I head to Smashburger. I love their burgers and fried pickles. Right now, they are the top of my list of burger places. I have some other favorites like Mac and Walt’s, KC’s Classic Burger Bar and of course Five Guys. Man, do I love burgers!

I also love toys and today we got a huge box with some toys from Just Play. I received an email from my contact there and she simply said that they had toys to send me. So, I had no idea what was in the box when it arrived. There was something for each of the kids and they were super excited. We will do individual reviews with each of the kids at a later date. Opinions are our own.

Dinner at Mac & Walt’s

Eva and Andrew at Mac and Walts
Photo-A-Day #4472

We checked out the new restaurant Mac & Walt’s with Dan and Marcia. This is a new place for us and it is excellent! It is a small burger bar in Norton, MA that was started by Tony and Kim Canova. If the names are familiar, they should be. Thing Blackington Inn, Assissi and so many other great places around the Attleboro Area. You may even notice that Eva is a little dressed up and even Andrew got fancy for dinner. They did that because of The Blackington Inn. When they learned that Mac & Walt’s was a restaurant from the same people as The Blackington then they felt they had to dress up. They are too cute.

Mac and &Walt’s is a Beer, Burger and Bourbon Bar with a set tables and amazing food. We all got burgers of some sort. We also shared some delicious onion rings and fried pickles. I was impressed by the fried pickles. I liked those a lot. The burger I got had bacon on it and the bacon was perfect. Thick and also crispy. It was an excellent place and we will be headed back. Thank you Mimi and Dano for taking us out.