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Back to the Hilltop

Photo-A-Day #2399

Today Allison, Eva and I went up to New Hampshire. Eva stayed with our friend Sherrie while we went to a funeral. We were there for the funeral of Allison’s friend Tina. Tina was a very sweet woman who went to Saint Paul’s School with her. When we lived in New Hampshire we saw her more often but Allison and Tina wrote to each other when they could. Her passing was unexpected and very sad. Hearing more about her life through her husband was so touching and sweet. We are so sorry for Tina’s family’s loss.She will be missed. Continue reading Back to the Hilltop

Swag that I received from IZEAFest 2009

My box of IZEAFest swag.. I...

At every conference I have ever attended I’ve been loaded down with Swag. I have to pack separate bags just to take it home and sometimes I even have to ship it home. It takes me a while to go through all of it and make follow ups with all the great people that gave me things so I apologize for this post being rather late. However, the swag I’m talking about is not what you think.

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