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#Unboxing the Smuggler’s Bounty Star Wars Rebels Box – 2 Great POPS!!

Darth Maul Exclusive Funko Pop
Photo-A-Day #4358

I woke up wicked late today but found that my Star Wars Rebels Smuggler’s Bounty box had arrived and so I made two different videos about it. One unboxing for this channel and one over at Big Damn Kid. I have never done that before and I wonder which one people will like more.

The box itself has so many fantastic things inside including a great shirt with the whole crew of The Ghost plus three figures a nice patch and pin, too. I did make a mistake in the video saying that the pop was of a younger Darth Maul, it is of an older Maul.

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Smuggler’s Bounty – #Unboxing The Empire Strikes Back Box

The Smugglers Bounty
Photo-A-Day #4304

In today’s video I unbox the latest Smuggler’s Bounty Box. this is the Empire Strikes Back box.while it only contained three items the one major item made up for everything else. There was a deluxe Pop! figure of Han Solo on his Tauntaun. This is a huge figure. There as also a mini plush Wampa and some Stormtrooper and Darth Vader socks. The pin was of Lando Calrissian and the patch was of Yoda.

The next Smuggler’s Bounty is for Star Wars Rebels! I cannot wait.