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One Minute Vlog – #Unboxing Funko Pop Falcon

Marvel Falcon Unboxed
Photo-A-Day #4169

While taking a look at some of the conversations over at the YouTube Creator Community I got some inspiration. I learned about a vlogger who was doing a one-minute vlog every day. I am not sure if I can go and record a one-minute vlog on a daily basis but one the weekends when I have limited time it works great. Unboxings work well for the one-minute type videos. My toughest part of all this is actually keeping the videos to a minute.

I picked up Falcon at Barnes & Noble when I used my gift card last week. I was saving it for a day when I didn’t have much else going on. It was perfect for the minute long video.

Unboxing the Marvel Collector Corps Spider-Man Box

Unboxing the Marvel Collector Corps Spider-Man Box
Photo-A-Day #4149

My Marvel Collector Corps Spider-Man box arrived today. I was really pleased with what was inside the box. I liked it way more than I liked the Marvel Collector Corps Year One box. That box was a bit of a disappointment. While the card inside the Spider-Man box said that one item was the first in a Collector Corps Box it was actually not, the Year One box had one of these items first. I address that in the video below.

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