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Are You Ready for Some Robots in Disguise?

Are You Ready for Some Robots in Disguise?
Photo-A-Day #1536

This morning I came to the office and I noticed that my toys were moved around to simulate a Autobot/Decepticon football scrimmage. I assume that someone was sitting at me desk and looked at Thundercracker’s stance and say to themselves, “That guy looks like he is doing the Heisman, I think I’ll create a football scene.” I have to admit that was one of the more clever scenes that I have walked in to see on my desk.

But I moved the figures around a little bit because I really wanted to get a photo of the movie ticket from Tonight’s Pre-Screening of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen that Allison and I are going to go see TONIGHT! Yes that is right, Transformers Week for me starts with a Free Pre-Screening of the movie at the AMC in Boston, That is the theater where Allison and I went to see the advanced showing of Serenity back in 2005.

I’m still going to go see Transformers 2 at the IMAX in Natick on Wednesday and as luck would have it I’m meeting up with Lenny at Kelly’s Roast Beef before the show. Transformers week also includes picking up the Transformers 2 video game for the Wii. Yeah I am pretty excited about that one as well. Oh and on Thursday Allison and I are seeing the Caribbean crooner himself, the honorable Jimmy Buffett. I picked up some Nilla Wafers some chocolate covered cookies and some frosting and I’m going to attempt to make cheeseburger in paradise mini cookies. That is if I can tear myself away from the Transformers game. Wish me luck

Curses, it’s back in the box for us!

Curses, it's back in the box for us!
Photo-A-Day #1335

Over the past 7 years I have amassed a good deal of desk junk. No, not papers and notes and things like that. Nothing “work related” per se. No I have probably one of the most elaborate desk set ups in the entire office. If you can’t tell the theme, let me give you a hint “More Than Meets The Eye”.

I’m moving my desk to another building entirely. The other building has an entirely different feel, not so, how should I say this “laid back”. So on Friday I’m bringing in two plastic “bins” to pack up all of my toys. Then they will spend some time int he attic until such time as I either have my own office at home or at work or just someplace to put them back out. There is so much there, my Harley Pins (Which I may take with me), all my Transformers (into the bin with them), and many other things. Here are some more high res photos so you can really see what is going on on my desk.

The Whole thing The Left Edge The corner
The Corner Right of the Corner The Garage
And then there were the pez And some books