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A Narwhal Named Nar

Oh Snap Pickles
Photo-A-Day #4090

I found these pickles at Target. I had never seen them before but was looking for something good to snack on at work. I got this as well as some baby carrots and a few other things. The pickles are really delicious. I will try out some of the other flavors soon?

Today was a work day and we weeded about 75% of the garden. We got to it as early as we can before it got too hot. I’ll have to go back and finish up the rest of the weeding as soon as I have a morning get it done.

Today was also the first day in a very long time when I had the opportunity to sleep for a few hours. I just lay there in bed and could not sleep at all. I worked hard and slept poorly but still couldn’t get any more sleep.

When I woke up Allison was giving Andrew his new knit narwhal. He loves narwhals and asked Allison to make him one. They went through the colors of yarn and he picked purple. He also picked a sparkly white yarn for the horn. He loves it very much. Allison continues to create so many great knit items for everyone.

We then went to our friends house to go swimming and enjoy some delicious pizza. The kids had a great time. We did as well. It is always fun to spend time with our friends. They are always great hosts.

Finally Started the Garden

Photo-A-Day #3763

We are so very late getting gardening going at the house. We spent the money to get the garden completely cleared out and then even more money on supplies. We started some plants and figured that today we would plant them and get things started. When I picked up supplies I also grabbed a sunflower while I was out and we could split it apart and see if they would grow. Here is what the rest of the garden looks like. We’re going to try a second Jiffy Pop pack to try and grow some more plants. We cleared and planted 2/3 of the garden plus the sunflower broken into 4 plants. Continue reading Finally Started the Garden