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Meet the BenSpark Robot

Photo-A-Day #2482

I was watching GeekBeat.tv and catching up on past episodes. Episode #331 mentioned a site where you could make a custom robot. The company is MyRobotNation. The robots are created through a 3D printer. I thought that they used a makerbot 3D printer but this is an industrial one that is more complex. The interface is really sweet too. You choose all sorts of parts for the robot as well as colors and then you also position the robot arms and legs. So I made one and it arrived yesterday. Eva saw it and now she wants to make one for herself. Continue reading Meet the BenSpark Robot

Cali Lewis Meets EvaBear

Cali Lewis Meets Evabear
Photo-A-Day #2100

Today I met one of my top 10 online awesome-est people. I finally met Cali Lewis. After missing out on meeting her during two BlogWorld Expos and after following her podcast for over three years I finally met her. I’m in Las Vegas for a couple of days for the Consumer Electronics Show, Affiliate Summit and then I leave for Detroit for the North American International Auto Show. On my flight here I caught up on my backlog of video podcasts including GeekBeat.tv, Cali’s Show. She usually does tweet ups and so I checked to see if she said anything about doing a TweetUp while she was here. Luckily I caught the tweet showing that she was having a TweetUp at Earl of Sandwich over in Planet Hollywood Casino. Daniel and I headed over.

Continue reading Cali Lewis Meets EvaBear