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Second Chances

Photo-A-Day #1855

General has been with our family for a couple of days now. He arrived yesterday. He was in rough shape. He’s had to have two good solid groomings. He’s been eating well and has to bulk up. He’s 38lbs right now, Tara lifts him up and down from stairs in and out of the car. He most likely has hip dysplasia. General also has a tumor on his eye that needs care. I hung out with Tara and General and Taylor in the backyard for a while to take a few photos. General was up and about this time today. He sort of walks a little sideways. Continue reading Second Chances

The Start of Something New

Photo-A-Day #1854

Today I attended the first gathering for the Young Professionals Organization. The YPO was borne out of the need for 20-30 somethings to network together in person in a way that we network. A bit of a backlash to the already established organizations that we would not be a part of because those organizations hold little appeal to us. However, I also see it as part of a stepping stone to bring us into the fold of those older organizations somewhere down the road when we are older as well. Continue reading The Start of Something New