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Win a GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr Lite

During the Month of December I am holding a contest in conjunction with the folks at GiSTEQ Corp.. We will be giving one lucky blogger a GiSTEQâ„¢ PhotoTrackrâ„¢ Lite of their very own.

Photo-A-Day #899d 09/24/07

I have a GiSTEQâ„¢ PhotoTrackrâ„¢ that was given to me by the fine folks at GiSTEQ to put through its paces. The GiSTEQâ„¢ PhotoTrackrâ„¢ is a great device. I’ve had mine since August and I have taken it on many many photowalks. The PhotoTrackr is a GPS device that captures your location as you move about. You synchronize your camera’s time to the GPS satellite time of the PhotoTrackr and you are good to go. When you return from taking photos you upload the photos into the PhotoTrackr software and GPS data gets added to each image’s EXIF data. What this means is that your images are now geotagged with the GPS data of the location you were standing when you took the photo.

But that is not all that the PhotoTrackr does. It records the entire trip that you took while taking photos and adds your images to Google maps. You can export the Google maps to your blog and you can also export your trips directly to Google Earth. Then you can organize and play back your trips to see all the places that you visited.

PhotoTrackr LitePhotoTrackrâ„¢ Lite – DPL700 is a newer model of the GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr product series. This particular model is mainly designed for travelers seeking photo tracking functions. Some great features to this device is that it runs on a single AA battery, and has a carabiner clip so that users can attach it to their backpacks or belt loops

Do you have another creative use for the GiSTEQâ„¢ PhotoTrackrâ„¢ Lite? I’m going to lend my GiSTEQâ„¢ PhotoTrackrâ„¢ to some of my sister’s high school science fair students to use in their science fair experiments that detail animals in specific habitats. By marking the exact location on the image itself this will help the students gather some much needed data.

For the most part I use the GiSTEQâ„¢ PhotoTrackrâ„¢ for Photowalks. Here are some of my photowalks while using the GiSTEQâ„¢ PhotoTrackrâ„¢.

To enter the contest please write a blog post detailing a trip that you are planning or one that you went on where automatic geotagging of your photos would be beneficial. Taking along a GiSTEQâ„¢ PhotoTrackrâ„¢ Lite will help you capture those locations. Wouldn’t you like to be able to retrace the steps you took around the Great Pyramids or even along the Las Vegas Strip. Maybe you go Lighthouse hunting in New England. heck you can geotag in your own back yard.

Official Rules
1. Write a blog post about why you could use a GiSTEQâ„¢ PhotoTrackrâ„¢ Lite. Use Photos, Video, geotagging examples whatever you would like. Make sure that you visit the GiSTEQ Corp. homepage and learn as much as you can about the PhotoTrackrâ„¢ Lite, you can also learn many features from my review of the PhotoTrackr.
2. Include a link to the GiSTEQ Corp. homepage at http://www.gisteq.com/ using keyword GiSTEQ.
3. Include a link to my review of the GiSTEQâ„¢ PhotoTrackrâ„¢ at http://www.benspark.com/phototrackr.html using keyword PhotoTrackr
4. Learn about the features of the GiSTEQ PhotoTrackrâ„¢ Lite product and link to the product page at http://www.gisteq.com/DPL700.html using keyword PhotoTrackrâ„¢ Lite.
5. Embed a copy of the video at the top of this post into your post. Go to YouTube to get the video embed code.
6. Tell others about the contest and link to this post however you would like.
7. Leave me a comment on this blog post with a link to your contest entry.
8. Complete this by December 15, 2007.

To win
1. Voting will begin on December 16, 2007 at 8:00am and End on December 30, 2007 at 12:00pm EST.
2. A Voting Widget will be added to my right Sidebar please direct friends and family and blog readers to http://www.benspark.com so they can vote for you.
3. The blog post with the most votes will be the winner. You may enter with as many blogs as you author.
4. Winner will receive a GiSTEQ PhotoTrackrâ„¢ Lite and will be contacted by me for mailing information.

Photo-A-Day #964 11/28/07

Tonight Allison and I got Eva dressed in her Christmas clothes and took her photo for our Christmas card. Afterwards we took this one of here in a stocking, she doesn’t quite fit and her expression reflects that. Once the Christmas cards have been sent out we will post up the Christmas card photo shoot. It was fun, Allison, me and my mom were all bouncing around trying to make Eva smile.

I finally got the perfect shot, edited and cropped it and uploaded it to Kodak, we made the card and ordered our boxes. I even found a coupon code and got 20% off the purchase. Sweet! Making the cards with Kodak Gallery was so incredibly easy.

Today at lunch at work I was lucky enough to attend a great presentation by freelance photographer Ben Barnhart. He was a really interesting guy and he is a New England Photographer. I talked to him a bit about photowalking, he’d never heard of it. I was glad to go up and speak to him after the presentation, sometimes I miss opportunities to make connections because I get nervous about what to say but the more I’ve been networking online and blogging and actually creating things the more I have the confidence to talk about something interesting with other people. One thing that Ben does really well is take Portraits. I was very inspired by his portraits and getting ready for Trevor Carpenter’s December Challenge, portraits were right up my alley.

I e-mailed Ben after the presentation and even extended him an invite to go on a future photowalk. Now I have to work on setting up photowalks for New England. You can check out Ben’s portfolio on his website. bbimages.com.

Speaking of Photowalks, I uploaded my Las Vegas Photowalk to Zooomr and Thomas Hawk commented on the Google map that I used to show the whole photowalk. I made the map with the GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr software. He’s going to be in New York on December 15th for a photowalk and I really would want to go if I hadn’t already committed to two annual Christmas parties. I’d bring my PhotoTrackr with me so I could capture the locations of the whole walk. That would be cool. I have to go shoot with Thomas Hawk sometime, there is so much I can learn.