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Google is Not God

Google is not God.

However I was GoogleSmacked today. I had been PR5 for a whole 3 weeks or so and today I saw this blog get dropped to PR3. 3 not 4 like it had been. Nope a 3. Flatwater dropped to a 2, BenSpark 2 dropped to a 3 and The Wired Kayaker dropped to a 3. They had all been 4s and 3s prior to this.

So why did it happen? I don’t know and I do care because that just meant that I lost an income source. I was literally submitting a post that a PR5 blog could take with PayPerPost and when I submit it I was told that my blog did not qualify. I had been able to reserve it so my blog was PR5 when I started the post and no longer PR5 when I submitted the finished post. That was within a 15 minute period. The timing on that sucks.

I thought I had been passed over by Google and actually was rewarded with building a better blog brand.

But it is important to remember that Google is not God. There are other search engines and I have great readers. Google cannot take my blog away or my readers. So guess what, I’m still here Google.