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With his Grandfather

Photo-A-Day #3029

Today we were on the Cape and enjoyed a fun day on the beach. Eva and Andrew loved the water and playing in the sand. We were making sand castles and playing with the T-Rex Skid Loader, Wrecker. Eva had a great time smashing the sand castles that I built and then Andrew had even more fun with the sand castles while I tried to keep him away from all of them. He loves it when you try to prevent him from smashing towers or sand castles and more. He gets a huge kick out of it. Continue reading With his Grandfather

Easter 2012

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Photo-A-Day #2557

Today was a wonderful Easter with the family. I got home from work and went straight to may parent’s house to drop off the Easter baskets and all of the eggs that I had filled the night before, at work. My co-workers asked if I was setting up an egg hunt for them. I think that maybe next year I get some big eggs and fill them with liquor nips and hide those around the office or outside for a 3am egg hunt. Continue reading Easter 2012