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Musical Interlude

Photo-A-Day #3157

We began our day on the Cape. Andrew and Eva played while Allison and I helped out and got ready to head home. I still had to sleep for work and the kids had a playdate. We left pretty early and got home to find Fitzy there waiting for us. Our Elf on the Shelf had returned to delight the kids for the next month.

I’m glad that we packed Fitzy in a place that was easy for us to get at it and that we have a babysitter, house watcher who was able to find him and put him out. Eva was so excited to see Fitzy. We’ll have to get creative for places that Fitzy will land.

Eva Rocking the Keep The Music Alive Tee from Slick Sugar

Photo-A-Day #2484

Earlier this year Eva got a guitar from First Act. She had, had a guitar that her Auntie Tara gave her back when she was 2 years old. Eva loves music. She loves to sing. She loves to play around on the guitar and she loves watching other people make music. Recently she was introduced (by me) to Lindsey Stirling, she is a violinist who is amazing. Lindsey made a video about how to make her peacock hairdo. Eva saw that and wanted to have her hair done up like that too. So I figured that with her hair up like that, inspired by a musician, she could wear her Slick Sugar “Keep the Music Alive” Tee and rock out on her guitar. Continue reading Eva Rocking the Keep The Music Alive Tee from Slick Sugar