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The Right Hat

The Right Hat
Photo-A-Day #4598

Tomorrow morning I head to California to drive the new Kia Stinger. I am so excited about this. The Stinger is one of the most beautiful Kia vehicles I have ever seen. I just want to get inside and start driving. I just love the front end of the car, it is incredible.

Super Styling

Photo-A-Day #3701

Andrew’s continuing to want me to photograph him as he poses. Today he came down and got his hat and his sunglasses and did a whole series of moves and kept telling me to take his picture. I only had the cell phone on me so I missed many of them but did mange to get a few good ones of him being really silly.

We did Play Group today and then it was off to get our haircuts. We go together each month. I get super short and he gets a little trim. Keeping that little mop top for a while so he still looks like a little boy and not a boy, boy with a buzz cut. He’s got good hair but a shorter cut would certainly be easier in the Summer. Maybe in a couple of years.