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Review – Zimpli Kids Slime Baff

Zimpli Kids Slime Baff
Photo-A-Day #4426

This is a review of Zimpli Kids, Slime Baff. We received this for free to try out and review. Opinions are our own.

Andrew and I had some time together today and we decided that it was a great day to play with Slime Baff from Zimpli Kids. Andrew needed a tubby and we had the time so why not try out this fun craze. Apparently there are over 2 Billion views of Slime Baff YouTube Videos. We have not seen even a fraction of a percent of those numbers but I’m sure that we’ll just explode any day now.

I’m thinking that I may have put too much water into the bathtub so it wasn’t as thick and slime-like as it could have been. It certainly did turn a bit thicker and it was slimy, it was really slippery. I had to keep telling Andrew to sit down in the tub and not to try and stand up. He was slipping and sliding all over the place. He had a lot of fun, though. Next time I will hav eto figure out better lighting. Here is some information about Slime Baff that was provided to us from Zimpli Kids:

4 x Slime Baff (Enough to turn 80 litres of water to Slime) Add our sachets of Slime powder into your bath to turn it into Gooey Slime! Once you have finished with the slime, simply add more water for the Slime to turn it back into (coloured) water.

Our products are 100% safe of skin, non toxic, stain free and environmentally friendly which means they can be drained away and disposed of easily!

On the Run

Photo-A-Day #3310

My sweet, wonderful, willful little boy. This was Andrew giving me the look when I ask him to run down the bridge and run back to me. First he crawled away from me instead of running.

Later in the afternoon today I took Andrew over tot he zoo so he could run around and have fun. It had rained earlier in the day and overnight. There were a ton of puddles including a really deep one right by the playground. We enjoyed the zoo for a while and then went to the playground so Andrew could climb and play. There were three other little kids there and they all had rain boots. They were stomping around in the big puddle in this boots. Andrew wanted to play in the puddle as well. I figured what the heck and let him have at it. I could always give him a bath later and wash his clothes. So, that is what we did. He splashed around and got soaked and I took him home and washed him up.