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New Featurette for The Finest Hours & Enter to Win a Trip to Hawaii

The Finest Hours

There are people in our lives who are determined to do good. Do you know someoen like that? Someone who has shown unwavering determination to do good by helping you? You can tell your story about this person. Submit a photo of the person you know at THE FINEST HOUR’s Tumblr page (http://thefinesthours.tumblr.com/) and share your finest hour story in 100 words or less of how this person demonstrated courage by helping you for a chance to win a trip to Hawaii!

Also, check out this new featurette about the movie that includes some of the actual men who were part of the daring rescue.

THE FINEST HOURS opens in theatres everywhere on January 29th, 2016! Continue reading New Featurette for The Finest Hours & Enter to Win a Trip to Hawaii

Post Wedding Recovery

Photo-A-Day #2354

The day after Shelby’s wedding we spent picking up around the tent, opening gifts, having a delicious brunch and saying goodbyes. It was a day to start to wind down from the weekend.

We started the morning by pickup up the things left over at the tent. We brought back the Bennett Bar, the row boat/beer boat. Dad picked up a ton of plants. mums, to decorate around the outside of the tent. We picked up things that were left and various other items. There was a bunch of non-alcoholic beer left over and we packaged that up and left it with the stuff for the rental guys. One real beer was left but one of the guys took care of that one. Leave no beer behind. Continue reading Post Wedding Recovery