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LEGO Jungle Sets

LEGO Jungle
Photo-A-Day #4666

The LEGO Jungle series is one of my favorite series of sets that I have seen in a while. There are some great sets in this line. There are also a bunch of new big cats including a tiger, leopard and black jaguar. The vehicles are also a lot of fun. Andrew has the Half Track vehicle and when he picked out that set I picked up the set with this mini helicopter and ATV. The sets are also very conducive to imaginative play with treasure hunting and dangerous animals. Exploration and also dangerous plant life. Traps and treasures and more. There are so many things that you can do with these sets. I would like to get the larger sets for Andrew, if I can find them on sale.

LEGO Creator Propeller Plane Set

Propeller Plane LEGO Creator Set
Photo-A-Day #4429

The LEGO Creator sets are great for seeing the different ways that a single set of LEGO pieces can be used to make multiple things. Each Creator set has instructions on how to make three different models. There can be so many more things that can be made with each set. With each set of LEGO that I build I learn more techniques that can be used to create my own creations for Built from Bricks.