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TV Shows: Drive Revs up, Heroes Returns

Save the cheerleader, been there done that, hows about you save some room on your DVR. The hit show Heroes returns this evening for the final 5 episodes. Where did we leave off. H.R.G. has lost his memory but his wife was helping him, however he was found out by the shape shifting chick. Peter is in a battle with Sylar while Mohinder hangs, literally, in the balance. Claire has caught up with her real parents. Matt seems to be now working with the company that H.R.G. used to work for. D.L., Nikki/Jessica and their whiz kid… I have no clue, they weren’t very interesting to begin with. Hiro has claimed his sword.

The final five episodes hold the keys to the resolution of this year’s story arc. How to stop an exploring man.

On Drive we will see our hero Alex Tully slip behind the driver’s seat of his car, a black, 1972 Challenger. We saw last week that our hero has a past that he has tried to forget but old habits and talents die hard. Alex took to his machine like a duck to water and blazed a trail up to Rome Georgia. So we sit and wait for the movie to begin in tonight’s episode.

Heroes Parody

One TV show that I have really enjoyed this year has been Heroes. The reason I enjoy it so much is that the characters are interesting. I even find the Nikki/Jessica thing interesting even though everyone else hates them and their husband and kid. I think it will be interesting to see Peter absorb that power. When that episode airs I think many people will want to see what happens. Last night’s episode was very good except I don’t like how angry Peter is I liked him better before he got so angry. He and Hiro are still my favorite characters, I am glad that Ando did not die and did you notice the cameo by Stan Lee. I love it when he jumps into movies and TV shows.

Anyway Heroes s popular enough that people are taking the time to make parodies about it. Here is one called Zeroes.