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The Photo Does Not Capture the Scene

Photo-A-Day #1938

Tonight Allison, Eva and I went to dinner with our friends Derek & Michelle, Neil and Andrea and Jimmy and Kathy. This was the first time in a while where we changed up the venue. We went to Chelos on the Water in Warwick, RI. Let’s just say that we were not prepared for what we were walking into. Chelo’s on the water is one crazy place. It is a restaurant/outdoor club/tiki bar/beach bar/jersey shore rejects hangout. In my mind Chelo’s was going to be a nice little restaurant on the water with a couple of tables outside. Oh how wrong I was. Continue reading The Photo Does Not Capture the Scene

XShot at North Bowl

XShot at North Bowl
Photo-A-Day #1359

Today Allison and I had a lazy indoors day. We put together the kitchen set that Nate and Sarah got for Eva. That was a morning project and we got it finished. We also watched a few more episodes of Sanctuary (a Sci -Fi Channel show that has been accumulating on our DVR since Halloween). We bummed around and I took a nice long afternoon nap too. Read some of Brisnger and then got ready to go bowling with some friends.

We went to North Bowl for our Bowling night. North Bowl has been around North Attleboro for a very long time and recently they underwent a massive upgrade. They put in new floors, high backed booths on the lane floor and video scoring. The place looks and feels great, very professional. We went in and got a drink and waited for our friends.

Once a good number of people arrived we got our lanes and started bowling. The computerized lanes were great you could even set it so that certain bowlers automatically got bumpers when they took their turns. I was in charge of the computer because no one else had a clue as to how to use it. So I set up both sides and set bumpers on a few people. We had a lot of fun and then a smaller group of us went for a late dinner. But not before I got this group shot using my XShot 2.0. I had a few people ask about it and what it was too. I love using this gadget because you can get a group shot like this without anyone else’s help.

Neil, Andrea, Derek, Michelle, Jimmy, Kathy, Allison and I ended up over at Piccadilly Pub for a late dinner. I like the ‘Pic for their burgers, they are not as good as Red Robin but the wait at RR was over an hour and a half, no thanks. But the Pic burgers were decent and we had a very nice time with everyone. We laughed, told stories and jokes and just enjoyed each other’s company. It was a really nice night. I got camera envy right now, Andrea got a Nikon D90. I dared not play with it too much as we have to save and a new camera is just not in the cards for a while. Besides I need a flash 1st.

I do think that we probably got Derek and Michelle excited about getting iPod Touches though. They seemed quite taken with ours.