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I’ll Be Here All Week

Photo-A-Day #1673

Tonight Allison and I went to the Attleboro Firefighters charity comedy event. Tonight was a date night for us. We brought Eva to my Aunt Corrine’s house to stay over. Other than her trip with Dan and Marcia, Eva has not been overnight anywhere yet without us. After we dropped off Eva we went to the Havana Cafe for dinner and then over to the Mansfield Holiday Inn for the show.

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Buffett at Fenway

Last night Allison and I attended the Jimmy Buffett concert at Fenway park. It was no Great Woods, but it was awesome none-the-less. Allison and I were joined by her parents Dan and Marcia, her friends Beth and Jen, then Richie, Gail, Dana, Debbie, Dave and Jen, and Aunt Sandy. We were in two sections: Allison, Beth, Jen, Dave, Jen and I were in Section 15 while Dan, Marcia, Aunt Sandy, Richie, Gail, Debbie and Dana were in section 26. Continue reading Buffett at Fenway