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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Last night I tried my very first sip of the Cooper’s Lager that I’d been brewing. It was good but a little flat. I may not have let it ferment long enough or maybe there wasn’t enough sugar in it, I’m not sure, but I have 29 more bottles that will age and I will try. Above is my reaction to the Cooper’s Lager.

Celebrate Cerveza and brew this Cinco de Mayo!

I probably should have brewed up a batch of the Coopers Mexican Cerveza because it just so happened that the beer I brewed is ready for Cinco de Mayo. Too late for that but I can always brew up a batch if I get myself the Mexican Cerveza kit, which is 20% off if you use coupon code “CERVEZA” at checkout. Coupon good till Mother’s Day.

MakeBeer.Net Made a Timely Delivery

Photo-A-Day #1804

Today my All in One Brewing Kit arrived from MakeBeer.net. A little while after I got home the UPS guy came a calling. He left my this Coopers All in One Brewing Kit. I asked him if I had to sign for the box, he said no, but he’d love some of the beer.

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