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Help Sponsor National Hot Dog Month 2012 Tour

This July I will be manning the video camera and still camera for my friend The Hot Dog Man, Rob Merlino, of The Hot Dog Truck and Hot Dog Stories. I’m helping him film his 2nd Annual National Hot Dog Month Hot Dog Tour. Last year Rob ate a hot dog a day for the month of July at 31 different venues. This year he’s going bigger and better. And this year he asked me to help with camerawork. But in order to do this event we are going to need a little bit of money. But you can get something for your money like recognition as an official sponsor of the tour or even a cool publicity stunt at a hot dog joint during the tour. Even if you can only kick in $5 that is cool too. Please help us fund the tour’s gas money so we can go to great places this July and tell you all about them. Just click on the Widget below to go to the donation page. Thank you.

Plus we are working to make a 60-90 minute film with footage shot last year and this year.

Japanese Hot Dogs in Boston’s Chinatown

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Today I got up and caught the train to Boston to meet up with my pal Rob Merlino, aka The Hot Dog Man. We were off to Chinatown for some hot dogs. Yeah, I said Chinatown. We went to the Fei Fan Eatery on 42 Beach Street, Boston. Rob had heard about Fei Fan Eatery from Chowhound and figured we should go and check it out. This was a first for me, I’ve had all sorts of interesting toppings on my hot dog but the toppings on these hot dogs were really unique.

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