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3 Jyns and an Arrow Season 5 Premiere

Top of the Hill Andrew
Photo-A-Day #4194

I took Andrew for a little walk around the Attleboro Springs Wildlife Sanctuary. I was surprised to see that there were some tadpoles in the water. I thought it was way too late to see any tadpoles. As we stood there watching we saw catfish and minnows as well. Andrew had fun running all around and then climbing the Pudding Stone.

I had a fairly successful hunt for a Doctor Strange t-shirt today. I found one at Hot Topic and I also found the hot Topic exclusive Jyn Erso figure. This one is in a hoodie. I learned that the Ahsoka Tano exclusive pop was released today but my local Hot Topic didn’t receive any. I will have to take a look at their Facebook page and see when it arrives.

While I was at the mall I saw that some new Marvel character cars had been released including a Doctor Strange one. The prices were $1 more than everywhere else because that is what the collector’s places do, they jack things up. I went to Target to see if I could find some there. No Marvel Hot Wheels character cars to speak of but there was a new Star Wars one that I found, a Jawa. I’m pretty sure that I do not have one of those in my collection.

While I was at Target I walked down the video game aisle and I saw that there were the Skylanders Imaginators already on the shelves. I knew that that could not have been right. The game comes out on October 16 and if that is the case than there would be a block on being able to buying the game. I let them know, but not until I had taken photos of all the figures that I could. You can see the whole Skylanders Imaginators gallery on my Facebook Fan Page. I also made a Youtube Video about the new Skylanders Imaginators figures.

Tonight was the premiere of Arrow. Oliver is back in action but he is now working alone. He is also the mayor of Star City. Being in two places at once is something that he’s going to have to deal with if he is going to succeed. There are also some other players including a new bad guy, Tobias Church, trying to take over things in the city and also some other vigilantes. Felicity wants Oliver to recruit them but Oliver wants none of it. The whole team is scattered. Thea is out, she has found a new life and no longer wants to be a vigilante. Laurel is dead. Diggle went back to the Army. Captain Lance fell off the wagon but has found new purpose. Curtis is spending more time down in the Arrow bunker and is starting to think of his own path. The flashbacks this year are of Oliver’s time in Russia and becoming part of the Bratva. When this year is over we’ll know how and why Oliver ended up back on Lian Yu. Oliver has also made a bunch more trick arrows. The rest of my thoughts are in the video.

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Helping Me Search for #AvengersEvent Stuff

Photo-A-Day #3647

We started out the morning by getting in the car and all of us heading to the Y for Andrew’s swimming lesson. There were no lessons this week because of the Good Friday holiday. I wasn’t told anything last week and then I asked about signing up for lessons for next session only to find out that they had already started. So, we were out and had to figure out what we’d like to do. We decided to head to the Mall. I wanted to pick up a few things for the trip to LA next week.

We hit up Dunkin Donuts first because all the stores weren’t open yet. Then we took a walk over to Hallmark. There they had a bunch of Itty Bittys. These are cute little characters. Eva picked Tinker Bell and Andrew picked The Hulk. They loved them and hung onto them all the while we were at the Mall.

I found a few things to bring with me but one I have to bring back because it won’t work for what I wanted. I found what I wanted later on via Amazon.com. It should arrive right before I leave on the trip.

We returned home with a sleeping Andrew and then Eva and I worked on a project for the afternoon. We got a Think Fun Maker Studio set. We’re making a contraption with the materials and some recycled items.