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Looney Toons Hot Wheels Character Cars – And a Special Guardians of the Galaxy Character Car

Looney Toons Character Cars
Photo-A-Day #4329

I woke up pretty sick this morning. For most of the morning I wasn’t feeling well at all. I need to get caught up at Koko Fit Club, however, because I still need to complete 12 sessions on the cardio and the strength equipment. While I wasn’t feeling like it would be a good idea to do strength I did go and do the cardio for a couple of sessions instead. I did a few sessions until I was no longer feeling like sticking around would be the best thing to do.

I left the gym and headed over toward Gamestop because I was looking for the new Knight Rider Fun Pack for LEGO Dimensions. But when I got over that way I wasn’t feeling up to it so I wandered Toys R Us instead. While I was there I was looking for some Transformers but instead found the remaining Looney Toons Hot Wheels character cars. I was continuing down the Hot Wheels aisle and my eye was drawn to the words, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. There I found a baby Groot Go Kart character car. While there were no other ones the back of the toy shows a newly painted Rocket, a Yondu character and possibly a repainted Gamora. I wasn’t even aware that these would be hitting the shelves anytime soon/ The movie isn’t for a couple of months. I was really surprised and happy to find this.

Family and Friends at La Salette Shrine Christmas Lights

La Salette Pond
Photo-A-Day #4273

Today we continued to get ready for Christmas. House cleaning, organizing, wrapping and celebrating. Earlier in the day I set Andrew’s room up with Hot Wheels Wall Tracks so that he had a special place to play in his new space. We moved his changing table out a few days ago because Andrew has something special coming at Christmas and the Wall Tracks are just the beginning. He seems to like it. Watch the video to see how smart and quick he is when presented with a problem to solve.

This afternoon we went to La Salette Shrine to see the lighting of the lights. We try to go to it every year as part of our Christmas traditions. This year was a little different. We got together with my cousins and their kids as well as friends of theirs who have become friend of ours. The kids had a fantastic time. The girls were reunited and fast friends once again. Andrew tagged along as much as he could with them. He did try and hold the hand of one of our friend’s daughters but ended up holding a handful of sleeve most of the evening. The lights were excellent as always. It was sort of sad not to see Clopper the donkey there but someone made up a petition to have him removed even though he was well cared for. Well, there is still at least a story about clopper to read around the place.

After the lights everyone came over and we enjoyed pizza and games and conversation. It was a nice night, maybe a new tradition!