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Look Who is Poking Through

Poking Through
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00673

I was outside cleaning up the sidewalk today. In addition to some little kid across the way yelling to me to stop cleaning up with the trimmer and lawn vac/blower I also heard a repeated tapping. I know that we have a woodpecker in our tree but I didn’t realize just how “in” the tree the woodecker was. This guy is in a branch that my dad trimmed when we first moved in because it was overhanging the roof and squirrels could use it to get on the roof. They may not be using that one but they still find their way up there. The branch has been slowly dying and bits and pieces dropping. The woodpecker has made quite a pile of sawdust from this branch, too.

I did attempt to get some rest today but that didn’t quite work out. When I woke up we had a tasty dinner. Allison and Andy made Breakfast for dinner and that included Tots, French Toast, Strawberries and Bacon! So good.

Breakfast for Dinner

And now being at work I have to try not to constantly be refreshing Twitter to see any news on the election.

New (To Us) Dining Room Table

New Dining Room Table

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00594

We have a new dining room table now. My parents gave us their old dining room table that will work better in our space. Our former dining room table was from my grandparents. I had wanted that to have to start our family. The table served us well for a number of years, but it was time to let it go. I am keeping the Lazy Susan, though, which come to think of it was really why I wanted the table int he first place. I loved growing up around a table with one of those.

Dad helped me get the table over to the house. We had to first figure out how to disassemble it to bring it over. The table is really well made and has leaves that extend on either end. The way that mechanism works is deceptively simple and it took a little bit to get it all back together and working properly. Good thing we numbered every part. That is, except for the screws. We thought they were all one size, they were not. Not that it made much of a different but there were some longer than others. It all went back together nicely and now we have a new dining room table.