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Ride to Ice Cream Machine

Photo-A-Day #6

Today I went to the Ice Cream Machine in Cumberland, RI. I took my motorcycle for a ride and ended up there. I also passed 1000km with my bike, kinda sad seeing as I’ve had it for three seasons and have only put that many miles on it. But this season will be much better, I plan to fill the bike up for its third, fourth and probably fifth time this season. (It gets 70+ miles to the gallon and holds 3 gallons in the tank. or some version of that same scenarios but with metric. Either way it goes a long way between fill ups.). I took a picture at 1000km too.

This photo is featured in my new video series Photo-A-Day Podcast You can Watch it below.

I’m 31

So, today is my 31st birthday. Last night we had pizza and ice cream cake with my parents and Tara and Erik. Dad got me a great Harley shirt and pin. The shirt was from a shop in Orlando the pin was from Ocean State Harley in Rhode Island. Today Allison is taking me to see Sahara. This morning my Dad took me for breakfast at JD’s downtown. After that I took the motorcycle out for a ride around the farms. The weather was awesome. I was so excited to get back out on the bike that I almost forgot that my registration and new stickers were still in the house. It would have been my luck to have gotten stopped. I started the Photo-A-Day project today with a photo of the motorcycle.