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Probably Voids the Warranty

Probably Voids the Warranty
Photo-A-Day 1300

I’ve mentioned that my iGo Juice (The Best product for a traveler, EVER!) has been having troubles lately. I can’t blame it at all, this product has been a champ and road warrior for seven years. Seven years, 4 laptops, 6 cell phones, 2 PDAs and 4 MP3 Players as well as a Bluetooth Headset. What is the iGo Juice? It is a power adapter that can be used in a wall socket, a car cigarette lighter, and an airplane. It can simultaneously charge your laptop computer and a peripheral device. It also packs up into a slim zippered case.

In the past seven years that I have been a Road Warrior I have used the iGo Juice on a near daily basis. I did not want to crawl under my desk each day to unplug my laptop so I got an adapter that lived in my backpack. I took it everywhere with me, always. Except once.

I had gone to the Cape and I left the zippered package with the iGo on the sunporch. I then went to Wisconsin. I had a brand new laptop and no one else on site had the same one so I couldn’t get power for it and I had a demonstration for 4 hours the next day. So I looked around for a place to buy an iGo Juice so I could use it and return it, take the restocking fee hit but I would still be ahead. Well, I couldn’t find anywhere that sold them but they did have the Targus Notebook 70W AC/DC Power Adapter. This power adapter would work with my laptop.

In the end I didn’t return the new power adapter but instead tried to sell it on the company intranet. With so many travelers I thought it would be snatched up for a song. No takers. So this sat in my desk drawer for a two years untouched. When my iGo Juice started acting up a short in some wire or the base, not sure which one) I decided to take out the Targus power adapter. Today I was looking at the cords on the Targus and I noticed that the port for charging the peripherals is the exact size as the iGo. I thought about it for a few seconds and then plugged it in. It fit. Now I need to test it on something. I have been hanging on to my Treo 650 so that I could manually transfer all of my numbers from that device to my EnV. I finally accomplished that last week. So I took out the Treo iTip, plugged it into the power adapter and connected the Treo. It worked. The Treo is charging as we speak. I do not need to buy a brand new Juice but if I did want a new iGo Juice they are selling for 39.95 on amazon.com, that is down from $119.00. An absolute steal. Believe me I’ve been in so many places where the iGo Juice has been perfect for me. Needed to make a call in Vancouver, dead battery, charged the phone in the car. Needed to do work (okay watch a movie) on a plane, used the plane adapter and was golden.

Can’t even tell you….

how annoyed I am today, at myself. Anyone who asks me why I am so particular and anal retentive about things is getting a punch in the face. My bad luck began this morning when I went thought the security line. I went to take out my laptop and lo and behold the power cord that I take on every single trip for the past 4+ years is missing. Why is this missing? Oh I know I took it to the Cape this weekend and forgot to transfer it back to my travel bag. Great. Maybe the laptop has some juice left in it. Nope only at 39%, that isn’t going to take me through the whole week. Okay check if someone is coming from the office and will be at my site on Tuesday night. Maybe they can bring the cord with them. Nope everyone is already out on the road. Okay fine maybe I can find a universal power cord. My model is not listed. I find a power cord with my model listed but it is a simple power cord and if I am going to buy it I am going to resell it to someone when I get back. I need to get the air/car/home combo.

Unfortunately there is no Comp USA around here (so much for the homogeneousness of America that everyone bitches about). Comp USA carries the iGo products, Best Buy and Walmart carry the Targus products. Both at fine products but I know exactly what I need with iGo. So I go to the store see if I can find the right product, nope not listed. I go back the hotel find out that the demo I have on Wednesday is even more involved than I thought so I look up the Targus site find the adapter I need and race back to Wal-Mart to get it.

You see, I only have today to get this done because tomorrow I don’t get in till 11:30pm at the hotel for a 7:00am demo. So instead of today’s 500th photo and the photos from the weekend you will have to wait till Wednesday afternoon when I get to my last hotel after the demo, that I’m praying goes well, for any new pictures.

Updated: I bought the Targus Universal Anyplug 70W notebook adapter. $116.00 to anyone who wants it, used for only 3 days by a very annoyed individual who did nothing damaging to it. Just to his own psyche.